Medical practices already provide data to payers principally through claims filing and to an increasing degree through alternative payment models (APM). More and more reporting will take on a different look and the ability of providers to efficiently and effectively report information to payers may affect their payment levels.

PPS has data analysts on staff with graduate school degrees very skilled in data management including drawing relevant information from data bases that may support standard reporting principally. By downloading data into Excel and other similar software, PPS can generate custom reports or custom sets of information that address tracking, production, or similar concerns on the part of providers or management. Specific benchmarking can be set up and tracked in intervals prescribed by the user.

We can create tables that compare practice results with industry standards and help you track trends that may identify issues. We can create tables and charts that test the results of training given to staff or providers as in CPT coding.

PPS staff can and does work with other benchmarking software in the marketplace which may be on the client’s practice management software. If you are not getting want you want or need, let one of our analyst see if we can increase your ability to rely on what is in place.

The future is about numbers and PPS data analysts may be able to help you make your reporting more usable and more efficient. Data management in the future will be critical.