PQRS Reporting

These incentive payments are no longer an option and you must now participate or you will be subject to what Medicare refers as a payment adjustment. This essentially decreases the allowable amount you are paid by Medicare.

The Physician Quality Reporting System is a Medicare quality reporting program that originally incentivized physicians and nonphysician practitioners to report on quality measures through bonus payments. Because the reporting is now mandatory and in order to avoid a 2% penalty in 2017, you must report on at least 1 measure group for 20 patients or on 9 individual measures for at least 50% of you Medicare Part B patients in 2015. A minimum of 1 of these individual measures must be a cross cutting measure. This includes Railroad Retirement Board and Medicare Secondary Payers. Fall just 1 patient short and you will be subject to the payment adjustment. It is imperative to stay on top of any changes in this program as it will most assuredly impact your bottom line. We strive to facilitate this process by providing the following:

  • Eligibility determination
  • Group vs Individual methods for reporting
  • Method selection for reporting (Data Registry, Claims, EHR) 
  • Measure selection (1 measure group or 9 individual measures)
  • Report tracking
  • IACS Registration
  • Report Verification

2015 PQRS Implementation Guide

2015 PQRS Specification Manual

2015 PQRS Measure List